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How to Initiate a Special Project

Special Projects is used when you wish to collect additional information about an applicant post application by sending out an online form to either the applicant or a third party requesting form completion. Completion is carried out online - once completed it is attached to the specific candidate.

Active special projects can be found in the Actions Menu in the Job list page. These special projects were set-up by your system administrators. Contact them if the special project you wanted to initiate is not in the list. (If you are a administrator and looking for steps how to create and manage a special project, go to this link: Creating and Managing Special Projects)

To initiate a special project:

1. Go to Jobs.

2. Click on a job where the special project will be initiated.

3. From the applicants list, choose the candidate or candidates who will receive the form that the special project will be sent. Tick the box before their names.

4. From the right hand side, locate the name of the Special Project and click on the Special Project’s name.

A box will appear containing the list of applicants where the form will be sent.

5. Choose an RSVP. 

6. Choose the appropriate Special Project form.

7. Click on Continue to complete the process. 

The system will send an email to those selected candidates which will contain the Special Project Form link.


8. The system will only show those Special Projects used in a job. Other ones that were not used or initiated within the job will not have the widgets showing.