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How to Create Notes
Users can add Notes for candidates via CRM and job candidate list page. 1. In C... more
How to Bring ATR Creator as a Guest on the Job
- Tick the 'Assign ATR Creator as Guest to job' in System Settings - The Init... more
How to Add Alternative Name for Job Titles in SLA Admin
- Go to Admin > SLA Administration - Click on the Edit Job Title - The... more
Option to add New Job Title to be used in ATR
How to add Job Title to be used in ATR: - Go to Admin > SLA Administrati... more
How to run Media Chanel Report including the Job Career link
This feature allows the user to ran and see the Job Career link in the downloade... more
Ho to handle new situation for OTP using as destination a GROUP email instead personal email
​​​​​​ - if user is not assigned to the ATR, user will not see any actions... more
ATR user to be able to assign a replacement for the time away (for eg leave)
Users can now assign another user as a replacement when user is away Eg. leave ... more
We can now manage and view ATR with SLAs. To set up SLA , the following must be ... more
Option to Delete and Archive ATRs based on Role profile
We can now delete ATRs from the ATR list page. 1. Go to Admin > Role profil... more
How to add a new tab in ATR page
We can add additional folder/tab in ATR section beside Current and Archive folde... more
How to Send Alert email notifications to user groups in ATR based on ATR form
There is now an option to send Alert emails to all member in a user group during... more
How To Initiate Request To Hire Form
Request To Hire function is where the clients can directly initiate a Payroll fo... more
How To Change Candidate Status in ATR Page
1. Go to JOBS 2. Click on Approval To Hire tab. 3. Select an Approval to Hire... more
Agency Users: How To Attach And View Applicants
Notes for Agency Users - To access PhoenixATS you need an access link and l... more
How To Use Email Template Created By Other User
1. Go to Jobs Section. 2. Select a job title. 3. Select a candidate by ti... more
How To Create And Use Job Status
1. Go to ADMIN section and select Job Status 2. Select Add New option 3. Ad... more
How To Change The Status of a Candidate
1. Go to Jobs Section. 2. Click a job title. 3. Tick the box beside the cand... more
How to Remove or Purge Candidates From List of Candidates
Below are the steps: - First you need to activate this functionality. - F... more
Attaching Candidates To a Job
System users can attach existing or new candidates to a job. There are 4 ways to... more
How to Post Your Jobs to Trade Me
Jobs posted in the Phoenix system can be shared to third-party job boards such a... more
How to Post a New Job?
Below are the steps to Post a new job. From the Dashboard use the ‘Create New V... more
How to Make Your Job Ad Remains on the Front Page of the Job Board
By default, the job advertisements are arranged by the date it was published whe... more
Creating and Using Ad Templates
You can add designs in your job posts. You can create unlimited job ad templates... more
How to Process Job Applicants?
Below are the steps to Process Job Applicants. * From the Dashboard, clic... more
How To Send A List of Candidates to Hiring Manager or to any System User?
There will be instances that system users need to refer a candidate or a list of... more
How to Post Your Jobs to Seek
Jobs posted in the Phoenix system can be shared to third-party job boards such a... more
How to Initialize a Reference Check for Candidates
Gathering information from referees for candidates is easier by using the Refere... more
How to do a Police Vet?
The PhoenixATS system will manage the process of sending police vetting requests... more
How to Initiate a Special Project
Special Projects is used when you wish to collect additional information about a... more
Voting Feature
PhoenixATS users can now cast their vote for job applicants. Votes can be Yes, M... more
Grading System
Users now have an ability to put grades or rate the candidates. Grading labels c... more
How to Process ATR?
Assigned ATR can be accessed in the Dashboard. Click on the ATR’s name to proces... more