Cost to Hire

Cost to Hire report shows the average cost of hire per cost centre based on a specific date range. 

The system will take the data from the Total Cost pre-loaded question in your Job form. If you haven't added or created a job form to monitor the cost of your hiring, please follow the steps below:

Creating a Job Form with Total Cost Question 

1. Go to Forms.

2. On the sidebar, click "+ New Job Form".



3. Name your job form, add a page name and section name.

4. Locate "Total Cost" under the Special Question Types and drag it to your form.


5. Name the field or type a short instruction (ex: Itemize the costs to promote this vacancy.)

6. Click Save.



Adding the Cost to Hire Form to a Specific Vacancy

1. To add the Cost to Hire job form, go to "Jobs".

2. Put a check before the job or click "Edit" on the job you wanted to have the Cost to Hire form.

3. On the sidebar, click "Add Job Form".



4. Select your Cost to Hire form. You have an option to rename the Cost to Hire form that you are about to attach.



5. Click "Add".



6. Complete the Cost to Hire form.

7. Click Save.




Generating the Cost to Hire Report

1. Go to Reports.

2. Click on "Cost to Hire".



3. Select a Start and End Date. The report page will refresh automatically.

4. You can download the report to excel, PDF of other file formats by clicking the "Export" button.