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How to Process Job Applicants?

Below are the steps to Process Job Applicants.

  1. From the Dashboard, click on Jobs.
  2. Select the job you wish to view applicants by clicking on the job title.  However If you can not see any job list or the job you are looking for, it is likely your user rights need to be updated. Contact your system administrator.
  3. Candidates are grouped into Valid, Auto Declined, Candidates with Incomplete application, Attached candidates, invited candidates and candidates referred by the Agencies. By default your list will open with your valid list. Candidates will only appear in the auto declined if you have used pre-screening questions. Incomplete if the candidate failed to complete the application and invited, Attached and Agency if you have used these features.
  4. To change the status of the applicant click on the blue status box and from the list of options select a new status.
  5. To change multiple applicants check the box next to their names and select Change Status from the right side menu. Once you have select a new status this will be saved to all applicant checked.
  6. Should a system template email be generated for the tracking step, you will see a preview of that email prior to changing status. You cannot edit the system template email this has been set up by your system administrator.
  7. All status changes will be updated against the applicants concerned.