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Grading System

Users now have an ability to put grades or rate the candidates. Grading labels can be customized based on your hiring criteria. (Grading criteria can be set up by your system administrators. If you are a system administrator and wanted to learn how to set-up the Grading System, please click HERE.)

Below are the steps on rating the candidates using the Grading system:

1. In the job applicants list page, go to Grading column.

2. Click on the Star column and choose which criteria you would like to rate the candidate.

3. A rating bar will appear. Simply drag the bar pointer to choose from 0 to 10. 


4. Click OK button.

This grading or rating system will help users especially hiring managers to visually filter candidates based on the set criteria. 

Highlight and Do Not Hire options are also available in this grading system. If the user will choose Highlight, the candidate will be marked with the yellow star. Choosing Do Not Hire will make a candidate to go to Auto Declined pool for ALL jobs. Ratings can be undone or edited anytime.


How to Delete Grading

- Make sure that the user's role has the Can Delete Grading role ticked

- go to the job where the candidate is associated

- click inline and go to Grading tab

- you will find a Delete button on the right next to the Grade

- click the Delete button to delete Grading