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How to do a Police Vet?

The PhoenixATS system will manage the process of sending police vetting requests directly from the system to the police vetting team. All activities are recorded in the system including any responses from the police vetting team. Below are the steps to do a Police Vet:

  1. Before you can send a request you must hold a signed authority from the candidate concerned.
  2. To carry out a vet, either from a list of applicants to a job or from the POI section in the CRM section, simply check the box next to the appropriate candidate and select Police Vetting from the actions menu. You can check multiple candidates at the same time you are not limited to one. A police vetting form will open with the list of candidates you selected. The system will collate all the information require and bundle this up ready to send.
  3. If there are any reasons why the vet cannot be carry out it will be highlighted in red with the reason.
  4. Simply complete the form and select Request.
  5. You will receive a screen acknowledgement. Your request is documented in the system in the candidate details in the Police Vetting tab.
  6. Once the police vetting team have completed the vet they will respond via email.The PhoenixATS system will capture the email and read the contents and record the result in the candidate details areas in the police vetting tab.
  7. You will receive an email from the system once a response is received. If the response is WITH RESULT you will be able to open an attached file with the content of the police vet. If the result is NO RESULT there will not be a file to open.