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Create RTH Workflow

Create new Workflow Request to Hire

Workflows are a set of tracking steps and notifications used to progress a collaborative decision within ready Employ. These are used often to capture information from multiple stakeholders and for approval processes.


Ready Employ Request to Hire forms have been available for some time and are used to capture information about the proposed employment offer for approval before presenting this to the candidate.  Leveraging workflow can allow HR managers and senior leaders to progress the agreement and approval of the offer in a structured and automated way.\

Create a new Workflow

Within the admin area access the Workflow Page.

Within the Workflow modules screen click on Add Workflow Module to Create a new workflow.

Complete the fields in the pop up to create the new workflow, once created this can be edited to apply the workflow items.

You may chose to hide this from the main menu while it is in development or not yet ready to be shared with a wider user group.

You will notice that on selecting the Request to Hire option from the Type Dropdown the Integrate with Self Service selector becomes unavailable. This is due to all request to Hire workflows being Self Service compatible, this is driven by Tracking step choice and configuration.

Clicking into the new RTH workflow opens it for editing, this allows it to be marked as active and control visibility.


To configure the workflow we have created we ned to access the admin section for this from the right hand navigation menu.  RTH Admin will now appear within the options for selecting.

Within the RTH admin screen you can review the user groups available for interaction within the workflow. These will be the same as has been configure for Approval to Recruit or Contract workflows if these have been set up previously. Additional User groups can be added as needed for Request to Hire workflows specifically.

When first created there will be no Projects within the RTH workflow. This will need to be created by selecting the Add RTH project

Complete the fields within the pop up to create the first Project. Once created this can be edited to add tracking steps.

once created the project can be edited and copied for building iterative similar projects.

Clicking on Demo RTH allows editing similar to other workflow items, tracking steps and the transition between them are added here