E-Learning Projects

E-Learning Projects


How to add a new E-Learning Project

  1. Go to the …/elearning
  2. Click “Add E-Learning Project



  1. Put the Name of the Project, Description and choose your Question Behaviour Type


                There are two types of Question Behaviour:

  1. Validation Based – this question type will allow the receiver to validate answers immediately after answering the project. They will know if their answers are either correct or wrong.

  1. Score Based – this question type will score the receiver after they finalize their project. The score is only viewable in the back end system.

  1. Add your Project item.


  1. Under “Type”, you have the option to put HTML (text), Video or PDF Document.



  1. You can enforce time limit per project item. The timer starts as soon as the page is displayed. When no answer has been selected, the page automatically moves to the next when time is out. This is in minutes.



  1. At the bottom part of the “Edit Project Item” page is where you put your questions.



  1. Your question can be single or multiple select.



  1. Put your question inside the Text box and click Save.



  1. You can add possible answers/choices here:


  1. Referring to the above image, you can also put a ‘Score” per question. Receivers get the score when answered correctly and will get zero score when answer is wrong.
  2. You also have the option to move the order of questions using the arrow up and down button. 



How to add the E-Learning in Self Service


  1. Go to the Self Service edit page. Under Forms, click “Add Form”



  1. The E-Learning Projects are usually listed at the bottom with a suffix E-Learning Project. See below sample.




  1. Click Save to save Self Service project.


How to initiate the E-Learning project to receivers

  1. Go to Self Service link
  2. Choose receiver and tick the E-Learning project you want to send
  3.  Click “Send Selected Forms & Docs” in the menu

The receiver will receive an email with the link where to complete the project.