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System Alert Settings

We have developed alert preferences so PhoenixATS users can receive notifications for several actions done in the system. 

Below are the eight Alert Preferences and sample Templates:

1. Newly Registered Contact - "New contact {0} registered at {1}."

2. Agency Loaded Candidate To Job - "Agency {0} loaded the candidate {1} to the job {2} at {3}."

3. Candidate Applied To Position - "Candidate {0} applied to the job {1} at {2}."

4. Newly Registered Candidate - "New candidate {0} registered at {1}."

5. Self Service Decline - "Candidate {0} declined the document {1} at {2}."

6. Self Service Discussion Required - "Candidate {0} requested discussion for the document {1} at {2}."

7. Special Project Completed - "Special Project {0} was completed by {2} at {3}."

8. Agency Assigned To Job - "You are assigned to the job {0} at {1}."


How to enable alerts in the role profile:

-  go to Admin > Role Profile > select the role you wanted the alerts to be enabled

- under "Alerts to Receive", put a check mark whichever alert do you want the role to receive

- put the templates (as above 1-8 items

- click Save


How to enable alerts in the user profile:

- go to the user profile

- scroll down to "User Alert Preferences", you will see the default set up is "Do Not Send"

- click the EDIT button and set up your frequency. It can be Immediately, Every Hour or Once a Day

- click Save to save changes