We can now manage and view ATR with SLAs. To set up SLA , the following must be set up:

1. Access your system URL and add /SlaAdmin at the last part

2. It will direct to the SLA Administration page. Here you will need to set up the System Wide Default SLA (Days) and have the option to set up the SLA Days Calculation, SLA Start Behavior and SLA End Behavior.

3.  Under Job titles section, this will allow you to set the Default SLA (days) for a specific job title Eg Test Position has 40 days Default SLA

When you go to the ATR page and click inline, it will show 40 days Target days

System will detect the number of days set up for a specific job title

4. Under the ATR section, if SLA Start Behavior and SLA End Behavior selected is ATR tracking step, you will need to select the tracking step from here. 

This is per ATR Project. Eg All 'Generic' ATR project will have a start SLA when ATR is under 'Approve' Status and will end when ATR is under 'Post' status.