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How to Set Up and View VEVO Checks

Vevo Checking is a feature in the system which check the details of the candidate to immigration automatically.


How To Set Up Vevo Checks

1. Create an application form in "Forms" section the add "Vevo" from question types.



2. Upon application the candidate will fill up the vevo details.

3. Once the vevo details are completed the system will automatically detect it and submit it to Australia Home Affairs Visa Entitlement Verification Online system.

4. Then PhoenixATS will connect to Vevo to do a Vevo check.


How To View Vevo Checks

1. Go to jobs section

2. Select a job 



3. If the Visa Type and Visa Expiry Date has details, it means the system automatically processed the data of the candidate.



4. The user can also view the Vevo Data of the candidate by clicking the inlines and click VEVO tab.



5. Also the user can see all the Vevo Data by adding /vevodata to their URL. The system will direct the user to CRM Vevo Data page. From this page the user can filter and find the name of the candidate.

      Example: your system URL/vevodata