How to view Checkmate results
Review Checkmate results Candidate results can be seen in two key locations, th... more
How to Add Cost Centre
1. Go to CRM > Clients > click Cost Centres 2. Click Add New ... more
How to Import csv. files in CRM
In order to import certain csv file into the customers CRM you need to follow th... more
How To Send Mass/Bulk Emails To Candidates
1. Go to CRM Candidates page. 2. Click Send Mass Email tab under actions menu. ... more
Adding a New Candidate to the Database
To create a new candidate go to the CRM section. From the Actions Menu select ‘N... more
Creating and Managing Hot Lists
Creating a new Hot List: - Go to CRM > Hot List > Add Hot List > ... more
Print Candidate Details
To print candidate information, select a candidate or group of candidates by che... more
How to Attach and View Applicants
Notes for Agency Users - To access PhoenixATS you require an access link a... more
Adding Agency and Agency User
Agency is the right used for employment agencies. The agency user will have the ... more