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How to Attach and View Applicants

Notes for Agency Users

  •  To access PhoenixATS you require an access link and logon details from the Client System administrator.
  • You will only see job vacancies you have been given rights to see on a job by job basis.
  • Your System Administrator will advise the minimum content you are required to post for each candidate.
  • All candidates posted are private between the Agency and the Client.
  • All candidates posted are electronically date stamped.
  • All actions you make in the system are electronically recorded.


  1. Login in to PhoenixATS. First you will require the link to the login page. If you do not have this contact your client support person. Login to the PhoenixATS back-end using your username & password.
  2. Access Jobs.  Once you have access to the system you will see a job list table displaying the jobs you have been given rights to post applicants to. If you do not see any jobs in this table, you have no assigned jobs
  3. Viewing Attached Candidates. To view previously attached applicants click on the job title. You will see an applicant list table showing all applicants you have attached.
  4. Viewing Attached Candidates Details. To view the details, you have inserted for each applicant click on the 3 lines to the left of the applicant’s name. Use the tabs to view pages within the form. You can also click on the applicant’s name to open   a full page view. Use the tabs to view pages within the form.
  5. Attaching Applicants to Jobs. To attach an applicant to a vacancy from within the applicant table page –
    1. Attach New Candidate
      • To attach a new candidate, click on the job title.
      • From the Actions Menu select
      • Complete the application form and select either PREVIOUS to go back and review or FINISH to submit your candidate.
    2. Attach Existing Candidate to a Job
      • To attach an existing candidate to a vacancy, select from the Action Menu
      • Search for your candidate by inserting their name
      • Select your candidate by ticking the box
      • Select the application you wish to attach
      • Complete by selecting ATTACH
    3. Attach Candidate to another Job
      • To attach a new candidate to another vacancy CHECK THE CANDIDATE and then select from the Action Menu
      • Search for the vacancy or use the drop-down arrow
      • Select attach
      • Select an Application form to attach
  6. Tracking Applicants Progress. You can track the progress of your applicants from the status shown in the applicant list table.