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How To Create a Video Screening

Video Screening helps to accelerate, enhance and builds consistency in the applicant screening process.

Here are the steps to follow on how to create Video Screening:

  1. Click “Video” tab from the Dashboard.
  2. Click +Add New tab.

  1. On the Add Video Screening fill up the
  1. Name – This is the title of the video screening and it is mandatory.
  2. Description -  This is where you put the details of the Video Screening.
  3. Message to Invitee -  This is optional. You can include a message for the candidate or Invitee.
  1. Click Save.

            Note: Once saved the option to add manager and add questions will be available.

  1. Click on the box to add manager/managers then Save.
  2. Click Add New Question.

  1. From the Add Question to Test page fill up the following:
  1. Question Text (HTML) - This is where you can put your question.
  2. Video Recording Duration – This is where you can set the length of the video. The default is always 20 seconds.
  3. Number of Recording Allowed.
  • If you leave the "Number of Recordings Allowed (0 is infinite)" at 0 the person can have unlimited attempts to create an answer
  • If you select 1 the first recording is final, no review prior to submitting
  • If you select 2 or more, they will be given the opportunity to preview and re-take to the number selected.

                 d. How long they can review the question before recording starts – You can set how many seconds the candidate                       can read or review the questionnaire before the video starts.

  • If you select 0 for "How long they can review the question before recording starts" the recording will start automatically and will start with invitee selecting the start recording option
  • If you select 30 the recording will start after 30 seconds automatically or sooner if the invitee selects start recording.


  1. Click Save.

Note: Once you save your question you will have the option to Edit, Delete and Rearrange.


       Option to Edit


        Option to Delete the question


    Option to rearrange by moving up and down.