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How to Answer The Video Screening

Start Test Question – This is a sample questionnaire that will let you set up your video and audio settings before you start the video screening.

Note:This is only a test and will not be saved and submitted



To Start The Test Question:

  1. Click on Start Test Question tab.


  1. Adjust or set your Audio and Video settings before you start the recording.
  2. Click Start Recording.


  • The Recording will start as soon as you click the Start Recording button
  • It has 15 seconds duration and has unlimited attempts or trial.
  • You can also maximize your screen by clicking the Full screen button



  1. Once done recording click Stop Recording or Stop button on the screen then click Close.


There will be a pop up message asking “Are ready to continue with the video recording?” If you click OK you will start the ACTUAL video screening.


Please take note of the following before answering the questionnaire.

  • You will not see the question until you select Answer Question button
  • The Recording Details apply once you select Answer Question and the question becomes visible
  • Once submitted you cannot recall or re-record
  • If you are not sure refer to the information guide before you start


  • The recording details are available before you start the question.

Answering the Questionnaire

  1. Click Answer Question tab.
  2. You can click on Start Recording button or after the countdown is finished the recording will start automatically.


  1. Once finished click the Stop Recording or Stop button.

  • Since there are 3 attempts allowed the system will ask if you want to upload or retake the recordings.
  • Once you clicked Yes it will be saved automatically.