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Posting jobs from Phoenix to SEEK via SEEK API (2.0)


Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to post a new job from Phoenix's system to SEEK using the new SEEK API 2.0:

1. From the "Jobs" module, select the job you want to post to SEEK and click the "Edit" button

2. Once you are in the "Edit job" menu, insert the Job number somewhere in the job description field.

That will give you the option to search this advert by job number while on the SEEK website. Then click “Save”.



3. Once the advert is ready to be posted to SEEK, click "Share to", then "SEEK", and a "Share ad to SEEK (2.0)" pop-up screen will open





4. Once in the "Post ad to SEEK (2.0)" screen, populate all the fields as required. Please note that the
"Pay & Post" options will show only after populating the LOCATION and the CATEGORY fields.





5. Then you can select either StandOut or Premium. Based on your selection of the Pay & Post, you’ll have the option to select the “Branding”. Also you have the option to add some “Key Selling Point” for the advert.


6. Once all fields have been populated properly, click “Save Ad” and the job will be posted to SEEK.

7. Once the job is posted on SEEK, the “Share to” menu will have a tick next to SEEK

8. If you wish to see the details of the advert posted, or wish to update or expire it, click “Share to” and SEEK, and the below pop-up will open. Here you can find the SEEK URL for the advert posted. Once you click on it, it will take you to the advert posted on SEEK.





9. If you wish to update the advert, click “Update” and the “Update Ad on Seek (2.0)” pop-up will open.


10. Once advert has been modified/updated, click “Save Ad” at the bottom of the screen.