HR Assist - VEVO Check

This feature will help Phoenix users to upload a predefined CSV file. The project is in Beta and the format of the CSV will change in the future.

Phoenix will validate the document and save. Users can also do a VEVO check and show the results here.


How to upload new employees:

  1. Go to HR Assist module > Employees > VEVO
  2. Click +Import Employees


  1. Choose from the dropdown the "Contractor" and "Location"Then upload a CSV file and click Upload button. You can click "Help" to get a sample of the file showing the  format of the CSV you need to upload.

  1. System will import the results


  1. Click “Back to Employee" to view uploads.



How to run VEVO check:


  1. Tick the boxes beside candidate’s name/s
  2. Click “Check VEVO”


  1. You will receive a confirmation that VEVO check has been run.