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Notification types

Below are the different notification types that we use across all modules (ATR, Self Service and Special Projects)

1. Initial message (To Candidate) - notification sent to users if there is a corresponding reminder email after this

2. Thank you message (To Candidate) - these are alerts sent after a candidate/referee completes a form

3. Reminder (To Candidate) - Reminder emails according to RSVP (2 days after form is sent)

4. Instant (To Candidate) - these are primary alerts sent to candidate/referee

5. Send Back message - this alerts are triggered if an onboarding or tracking step is sent back to the previous assignee

6. 3rd Party - alerts that will be sent to a third party person, not a registered user

7. Instant (To All) - alerts that are sent to all users involved in an ATR 

8. Instant (To Initiator) - alerts that are sent to users who initiated something like an ATR, Ref Check or any special projects

9. Finalize message (To Initiator) - alerts that are sent to initiators when a form has already been completed by candidate/referee