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How to share ads in Seek:


  1. Go to the edit job page and click “Share To”


  1. Select Seek



  1. Fill out the Seek form


The fields are:

  • Job Title*
  • Job Summary*
  • Ad Details*
  • Start Date* - You have the option to assign a future start date in Seek.
  • Closing Date*
  • Location*
  • Category*
  • Work Type*
  • Video URLshould be a YouTube link
  • Video Positionoptions are Above or Below the job ad details.
  • Contact Name*
  • Contact Email*
  • Contact Phone
  • Pay Typecan be Hourly, Salaried or Salaried Commission
  • Description
  • Minimum
  • Maximum
  • Billing Reference
  • Ad Typeunder Ad Type, there are three options: Classic, Standout and Premium.



When Standout is selected, user will be required to fill out Key Selling Points:



Please refer to ad product features: https://developer.seek.com/use-cases/job-posting/ad-selection/panel#supporting-features

Which eventually points to here: https://developer.seek.com/schema/#/named-type/PositionFormattedDescriptionIdentifier

It’s also mentioned in the FLAPI migration guide: https://developer.seek.com/migration-guides/job-posting-api/phase-4-managing-job-ads#data-structure-comparison

Selling points should appear on the posting flow right after branding when Standout or Premium is chosen

  1. Once all fields are completed, click Save at the bottom of the Seek form


  1. A confirmation statement that job was successfully posted to Seek will pop up on the upper right-hand side of the page.



  1. Then you will be directed back to the edit job page where when you click Share To, Seek option is marked which means job has been saved.


  1. When you click on it, you will see the Seek Ad Link:


  1. Click on the link and you will be directed to Seek page with the live ad