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How to Post a New Job?

Below are the steps to Post a new job.

From the Dashboard use the ‘Create New Vacancy’ button located under quick links on the Dashboard



or select JOBS from the main top menu. From the JOBS section, go to the right side menu and select CREATE NEW VACANCY.

You can also click on “New Vacancy” button.



From the ADD JOB template, complete all required fields. If you fail to complete all mandatory fields you will not be able to submit. The system will alert you which fields require completion.  Once all fields are completed select SAVE from the group of options. 



A. Job Title - Use an Appropriate and Appealing Job Title

B. Status. By default your job, will be live once you save the copy.

i. Hidden – means this job will not be displayed on any job board and is private. However the system will generate a discrete link you can use. Your hidden job will appear in your job list. To edit this job scroll over the two icons directly under the job title and select EDIT.

 ii. Draft Copy – To save as a draft, select this option prior to saving. Once saved will not be published.

 iii. Featured – Jobs with ticked "Featured" box will always be on top or on first page/s of the job board list.

 iv. No Apply Now – When this is chosen, system will not send job alerts for this vacancy.  (upcoming feature)


v. Visibility - There are three options for the visibility of the job:

  • External – Job is only posted to external job board.
  • Internal – ­ Job is only posted to internal job board.
  • External & Internal – Job is­ posted to both external and internal job boards.

vi. Job Number – This number is automatically selected by the system, however you can type over if required.

C. Details 

1. FTE – this is where the job loader will put how many staff do they need for the job vacancy.

2. Ad Template – this is if the job loader wants to use a job template where they can put a header or footer or both. This is set up in … /AdTemplates


E. Upload - This is where you upload files where candidate can open and view from the job center.

F. Start Date - this is the start date of the job

G. Close Date - this is the close date of the job

H. Closing Description - this is a non mandatory field where the job loader can put notes related to the close date of the job.

I. Short Description - this is where the job loader clearly states the essential job requirements, job duties, job responsibilities, and skills required to perform a specific role. This is a non mandatory field.

J. Ad - this is the body of the post with an announcement that informs people that a certain job position is available. It is written in an engaging tone and it contains information not only about the job position, but also about the company and the benefits they offer.

K. Application Form - this is where the job loader will assign the application form suitable for the job post.

L. Job Description Templates - it is where the job loader can assign job description templates found here - ..../Document/JobDescription

M. Job Description - loader can assign the job description here. Job Description is a written narrative that describes the general tasks, or other related duties, and responsibilities of a position.

N. Job link - this is the link of the job in the career site.

O. Redirect URL - this is where a loader can put a redirect link wherein when candidate clicks the "Apply Button" in the career site, they will be directed to the link provided in the Redirect URL box.


  1. To add a JOB DESCRIPTION in the job description section select ‘Select a file’.
  2. To add support documents in the section Other select ‘Select Files’.
  3. To post your job to SEEK or TRADE ME from the SHARE TO option click and make your selection.

NOTE: You can only select one option at one time as each option requires you to complete sections in 
      the third party job board not already collected in the JOB AD template.


6. Job Number – This number is automatically selected by the system, however you can type over if required.


Templates in Jobs

  1. Go to Jobs > New Vacancy
  2. Fill out the mandatory fields
  3. When 1,2, and 3 are completed, there is drop-down selection menu to save as a TEMPLATE


NOTE: in ALL CLIENTS this becomes available to ALL, if in a Client only that client.