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Voting Feature

PhoenixATS users can now cast their vote for job applicants. Votes can be Yes, Maybe or No.
This feature can help Hiring Managers decide who to hire for a certain vacancy.

Please note that only the users with voting rights can cast their votes.  System administrators can activate and assign voting rights to system users.

Below are the steps on how to vote for job candidates:

1. Go to Jobs page.

2. Click on a specific job.



3. In the applicants' list page, locate the "Votes" column.

4. You will have 3 voting options; Yes, Maybe and No. Click on your vote. If you made an error or changed your mind, you can change your vote by clicking on the other voting options.


Note: Only one vote per user for each candidate is allowed by the system. The system will automatically count the numbers of votes for Yes, Maybe and No.


To view voting results, please follow the steps below:

1.  From the applicants list page, click on the 3 bars icon beside the candidate's name.

2. Locate the "Votes" tab.

Alternatively, you can also check the voting result by clicking on the candidate's name and going to the "Votes" tab.

On the voting tab, you will see the detailed results on who voted Yes, Maybe and No and the date they processed the votes.