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How to Process ATR?

Assigned ATR can be accessed in the Dashboard. Click on the ATR’s name to process ATR.


Or go to Jobs, click on ATR link and locate the ATR from the list.


Review the ATR form. If you need to supply information in the form, click on "Edit". 


Choose the “Next Action” and Assign to the next staff and hit submit.


Actions Menu

There are different functions under action menu that can be used in the ATR module.

  • Reopen - This allows the user to restart the ATR process. 
  • Print to PDF - System will generate a PDF version of the ATR form including the Activity Logs. 

  • Post Job - This option is only available to those users allowed by the system administrator to post on a certain workflow level. If this function is available at the workflow level, clicking this option will redirect the user to the job edit page. The fields in the job edit page will be auto-populated with the information from the ATR form provided the form is using the job details pre-loaded questions. Job associated to the ATR will be available in the Job Details section of the ATR page. This option will change to "Edit Job" as soon as the job has been posted.