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How to Create Forms?

In PhoenixATS, you can create different forms that you can use for different uses; such as Application Forms, Candidate Forms, Job Forms, Test Forms, Special Project Forms and Intelligent Forms.

Below are the steps in creating a form:

  1. Go to Forms.
  2. From the right side, choose which form you are going to create.
  3. Name the Form.
  4. The form can be organised into pages and sections. You can add unlimited number of pages and sections. 
  5. Pages and sections of the form can be renamed by simply typing over the header.
  6. Drag the question types to the form canvass.
  7. Questions can be replicated by clicking on the "Duplicate a Question" button
  8. You can Delete the question by clicking the "x" button
  9. Questions can be rearrange by clicking the navigation icon and dragging the questions up or down
  10. Hit "Save" button to save the changes and "Preview" to see the live version of the newly created form. Click "Close Preview" button to close it and continue editing the form.