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How to Create a Screen-out And Alert Question

PhoenixATS can help you pre-screen your applicants automatically using the screen-out and alert questions. This allows you to select the desired and pre-requisite answers which the applicant must have to make it to your active list of applicants. Applicants screened out/alert will also be able to complete an application however they will be placed on a screened-out list or for alert there will be a tag AL.

Here's an example of how to make a screen-out question:

Let's say we only wanted applicants who have a valid Driver's License. First, we need to add a single choice (or a Single Choice with Dropdown) question type in the application form. The question will be "Do you have a valid driver's license?". If you need help in creating or editing a form, please go to How to Create Forms?.

Note: Only single choice and Multiple choice type questions can be used for making a screen-out and alert question.


 Tick 'Screenout' and tick the incorrect answer/s. Click "Save" button to apply the changes into the form.


In the below example, those who will answer "Yes" will be moved to the Valid candidate list. 


Those candidates who answer "No" and "I will get my license soon" will automatically go to the Auto-Declined list of applicants. Candidates who are moved to the Auto-Declined list will automatically receive an auto-declined email.



If the user don't want the candidate to be put in AUTO-DECLINED list use the ALERT option.

  • Tick Alert from the question answer. Once a candidate answers "No" it will be still in the VALID list of candidates but there will be a tag AL it means ALERT.


  • To check the candidate's answer in which item or question it triggers the alert just click the inline and click Application.
  • The user will see the candidate's answer in RED.