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Report Designer (Beta)

Report Designer (Beta) allows the user to include exactly the data required in every report in case the existing reports in the system are not suitable for the report needed. 

  • They are based on a "Report topic"  like Placements, Candidates, Jobs etc.

          (Currently we have Placement Report available in  Report Designer (Beta) and will add more support and features in             the next few weeks).

  • For each report topic the user can add or customize fields related to a specific topic like Placement fields, Application fields, Registration fields, and Tracking Steps date related fields.
  • Report Designer is in BETA which means this software is ready for testing and subject for refinement.


Here are the steps on how to use the Report Designer Beta

1. Go to Reports tab

2. Click Report Designer (Beta)



3. Click +Add New


4. Select the type of report by clicking the dropdown arrow.

Note: Currently Placement Report is available and we will add more support and features in the next few weeks.


5. Complete the Report Details fields such as Name and Description.


  Note: Tick the box to make this report to be PUBLIC which means this report will be visible to everyone with report     access.


6. In Report Column this is where the user can customize or add field for the required report.

6.1 Click +Add New



6.2 Select Column Type 


   Note: The fields or items in the dropdown are related to the report topic like Placement Report.

      Native Column - These are the default data existing in the current report of the report type selected.
      Registration Question -  These are the questions found in Registration form.
      Application Question - These are the questions found in Application form.
      Tracking Step - These are the list of all Tracking steps in the system.


6.3 Select Column Name


  Note: Items on the Column Name are related to the Column Type that the user choose.


7. When done and finalized the columns click SAVE.


  • The saved report will be available in the dashboard.


  • Click on the Report's name, enter the Start and End date and click Run Report.



  • When the report is ready the printer icon will be highlighted and download the report.