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Vacancy Details - with Marketing and Tracking Steps

The report provides a list of all jobs in a time range with all the details relating to the job data.

Example: Client, Cost Centre, Location, Post Date, Closing Date etc. It allows grouping by each parameter.


The new Vacancy Details report will add more dynamic entities to the report like:

  • Marketing sources counter - This will show how many candidates indicated the media source of where they heard or found the vacancy.
  • Tracking  steps counter - This is where we count all candidates who reached a specific Tracking step during the recruitment process.


To add more Tracking Steps to the Report:

1. Go to Admin

2. Click Report Settings

3. Click Add Step under Qualified Candidate Tracking Steps

4. Select a tracking step from the dropdown list from State column then click Add.


To generate a Vacancy Details - with Marketing and Tracking Steps

1. Go to Reports.

2. Click Vacancy Details - with Marketing and Tracking Steps.


3. Select the Dates, Archived Status, Status then click Download Report button.



  • Report shows Marketing sources like Trade Me, Seek, Newspaper and shows how many candidates indicated the sources.

  • Report shows total count of candidates who reached the Tracking step.