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How to Create and Generate Custom Report

A custom report is an excel spreadsheet containing a group of pre-selected questions from the registration and application forms. Using this option will allow you to compare the questions and answers given by each candidate for this position.  This is a valuable source for comparing apples to apples and identifying standout candidates. If you cannot see any Custom Report templates it is likely you or your system administrator have not created any via the reports section. 

Below are the steps to create a Custom Report Template:

1. Go to Reports 

2. Click on Custom Reports

3. Click Add Template

4. Choose the Application Form that is used in the Job where you want to run the Custom Report from and click Continue.

5. Type the name of the Custom Report


6. Tick the questions in the application form that you need to generate.

7. Click Save


Below are the steps to generate a custom report:

1. Go to Reports.

2. Click on Custom Reports.

3. Choose a form where you will take all the answers from.

4. Select the questions and tick them. 

5. Save the report.

6. Choose a start date and an end date. The report will include all applications in the selected date range.

7. Click Execute Report button.

8. Wait for the system to generate your report. Your browser will automatically download the report.

9. Open the report using a spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel.