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How to Import Candidates in Bulk in Self Service

Self Service Import is an easy way to bulk upload candidates to be onboarded without having to go through the system's recruitment process.

We need a CSV file like the below image. Take note of the format First name | Last name | Email add

Here are the steps on how to important candidates in bulk:

1. Access your system URL and add /SelfServiceImport/UploadCsv at the end of the URL

2. Click Choose file and add the CSV file then click Upload button

3. File will appear below once uploaded. Click on Edit button

4. This will appear after Edit button is clicked. Make sure that you select the correct Self Service Project where you want the candidates uploaded.


5. Click Import and wait until the page loads. A green pop up will show on top right that import is successful

6. After the candidate imports, we can see them in the pack