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Setting Up and Using Self Service Projects (On-Boarding)


Before you can set up your project you need to ensure you have -

  1. The Special Project forms and documents loaded in PhoenixATS that you will require.
  2. A tracking step to initiate the project (one step per project).

If you have these already established in the system go to SETTING UP A NEW PROJECT. If you need to add new or additional forms and document continue with this section. To create a tracking step go to ADMIN > TRACKING STEPS and add a new step (click HERE for the help article). Remember to add this step to your tracking templates. 


Adding Forms

Forms are used to collect information such as bank account numbers, next of kin and any other information you require. These are set up using the same methods as registration and application forms etc. 

They are open fields allowing the user to add text. Once submitted they are automatically converted to a PDF.

Follow the steps below to create a new special project form and a new special project .

1. Go to Forms from the main menu

2. Select Special Project Forms

3. Select Add Form

4. Create your form using the template builder. If you need instructions on how to create a form go to the help section FORMS.


5. Go to ADMIN > SPECIAL PROJECTS and select Add Special Project.

Complete the add special project form and uncheck the Enable Link and Display Widget options. Your form is now ready to select in the self-service area.


Adding Documents to Document Library

Note: Documents used in the self-service area must be a PDF format if they are required to be signed by the new recruit.

To add a document –

1. Go to DOCUMENTS from the main menu.


3. Upload a document from your hard drive and SAVE. Your document will now be added to your list of documents and ready to be used in the self-service area.



  • The user can also add official form documents, these forms are like contracts and needed to have smart tags. Please check the list of smart tags HERE.
  • There is also an option for the system to auto fill the date when contract has been initiated therefore no need for client to put the date manually by:

1.  Go to Documents.

2. Click Official Form Documents.

3. Select "Add Official Form Document" tab.

4. Click edit tab.

5. From the smart tag %%DATE%% select Date (Current Date) from the dropdown on data type column and click save.



Government Forms

Tax, Superannuation, and other regularly used forms are stored in the Government Forms library. These forms are added by the PhoenixATS team. You cannot add forms in this area please contact PhoenixATS Support if you have a specific requirement.


Tracking Steps

Each project requires its own tracking step. Go to ADMIN > TRACKING STEPS > ADD STEP. Make this new step a passive step without email. When creating a new project, you will be asked to provide the named step.

Remember to add this new tracking step to your TRACKING TEMPLATE/S

Click HERE to access detailed instructions on how to create and manage tracking steps and tracking templates. 


Auto-generated email alert to recruits  

Each time you send forms/docs to a new recruit or staff/3rd party the system will automatically send an email alert with a link to the forms/docs. To edit your email content-

1. Go to ADMIN


3. Locate notification step and select EDIT


4. Under Notifications open the notification using the icon inline to the far right listed.


5. Use the email text editor to add/edit text.


Setting up Self Service Projects (On-Boarding)

1. Go to ADMIN from the main menu

2. Select SELF SERVICE from the right-side menu



4. Complete the ADD PROJECT form and select the tracking step that will trigger the project. SAVE your new project.


The Message for Candidate text will be published and visible in the action page along with the list of documents and forms seen by the new recruit providing an opportunity to give instructions or a welcome message. It is not sent in an email.

You can include links and videos in your Message for Candidate. You can also use Smart Tags in your content. Click HERE to learn more about Smart Tags.

5. Your project is now added to the list of projects from the list select your project this will open the editor section.


6. To add forms and documents select ADD STEP and give this process a step name and SAVE.


7. To add a form, you have previously saved to your Special Projects section select ADD FORM and choose your form from the list.


8. To add a government or stored form select ADD GOVERNMENT FORM and choose your form from the list.


9. To add a document select ADD DOCUMENT and from Type and Document choose your options.


Note: Type

When selecting a type this refers to the type of action required to manage the form. You have the options asking the new recruit to View and Sign, Read only, Read and accept online or download and re-attach the document. This last option will be a rarity.


Note: Document Selection

You have the option to attach a document from your hard drive and include this to send to a new recruit at the point of submitting all forms and document to the recipient. This is usefully where you have prepared for example a contract of letter of offer and is not a standard saved document in the PhoenixATS library.


Note: Document Prerequisites

If you have a document that must be actioned prior to all other forms and documents you can select this document as a prerequisite. The remaining documents and forms will be seen by the recipient however not viewable until all prerequisites are completed. You may have more than one prerequisites.

Once you tick the box for Prerequisite you will see the Mandatory box will be in black.


Create an Onboarding Form to be Completed by Internal Staff


You can send a special project form to a person within your organization to collect information.  This form is not sent or seen by the new recruit.

1. Go to FORMS and select SPECIAL PROJECTS and create and save your form. If the form already exists skip this step.


  • Enter name
  • Select CUSTOM
  • Select THIRD PARTY
  • Select the form to be used from the DEFAULT FORM list of options. This form can now be added to your employment pack using the ADD FORMS tab (refer to adding forms section)
  • Uncheck Enable Link and Display Widget
  • Save


3. Go back to this section to add the third party form to your self-service project.


Re-arranging the Forms

Forms and Document can be arranged based on your preferred order.

1.  In you edit section of your Self-Service project, click on Reorder Items.

2. Click and drag the documents one by one to re-arrange.

3. Click Save.



Go to this link to learn how to Initiate Self Service Projects (On-Boarding).

Go to this link to learn how to View Completed Self Service Forms/Docs (On-Boarding).