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Creating and Managing Special Projects

Before creating a Special Project, there must be a Special Project form. For creating a Special project form, please watch our Help video about Creating Forms.

Once the special project form is ready, you can now start creating a Special Project.

1. Go to ADMIN. 

2. Click on the “Special Projects” link on the Right hand side menu. 

3.  Click on the “Add Special Project” button.

4. Complete the Add Special Project Form. Type a unique name for the Special Project.

5. Create a short description of the project. This is optional.

6. Choose a Special type. It can be Special Project Email Table or Custom.

7. Choose a Receiver Type:

-- Email from application form table - The notification/s will be sent to the email addresses listed in the special project email table.
-- Applicants Email - Candidate will receive the notification/s to complete the form.

-- Third Party - Notification/s will be sent to the specified Phoenix user.

8. Put a check in the checkboxes that say “Enabled Link In Job Section Actions Menu” and “Display Status Widget in Job Section Applicant List”. These are optional.

9. Tick the box if you want the Special Project to "Show as a tab under Applications Grid Details". This is also optional.

10. Click Save button.

Your newly created Special project will not be listed in the Special Projects list page.

This time, we’ll add a NOTIFICATION. This will be the email that the system will be sending to the receiver.

1. Click on the Special project’s name. 

2. Open each notifications that are pre loaded and put your email template as desired.

3. Choose a trigger: Instant notifications will be sent right after the special project has been initialized. Reminder will be sent based on the delayed type you have chosen. Thank you message will be sent after the form has been submitted by the receiver.

4. Type the Email Subject.

5. In the Email Body, always include the Special Project Form Link Smart tag. This will generate the link that points to the form. 

6. Click Save to complete the email notification.


To learn how to initiate a Special Project, go to How to Initiate a Special Project.