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How to enable Indeed Job board integration
Indeed integration tile Our indeed Integration has been added to the Integratio... more
How to add Checkmate to Onboarding
Add Checkmate to candidate onboarding To use Checkmate checks within the self s... more
How to add Checkmate to Tracking steps
Add checkmate to candidate evaluation To use checkmate within evaluation of a c... more
How to set up Checkmate integration
Enable Checkmate testing integration From the integration setting page click on... more
Create RTH Workflow
Create new Workflow Request to Hire Workflows are a set of tracking steps and n... more
How to enable Application tags
Enable Application tags Application tags needs to be enabled in the system set... more
How to add Criteria testing integration
Enable Criteria testing integration From the integration setting page click on... more
How to Remove/Delete Votes
- Go to Admin > select a Role Profile - Under CRM column on the Edit Role... more
Changing text to appear in ATR
In ATR, we can update the text to appear when initializing. 1. Go to Admin >... more
Option to not allow users to Archive jobs based on Role profile
We can give option to users to disable access in archiving jobs based on their r... more
'Select All' button when creating/updating Phoenix User accounts
For Admin users, when creating or updating a Phoenix user account, there is now ... more
How to Edit an Employee ID in Phoenix Users
- Go to CRM > Phoenix Users - Click on the User name to Edit - Enter the... more
How enable 2FA Microsoft Authenticator in PhoenixATS
To Install Microsoft Authenticator on your device: - Install Microsoft Aut... more
How to enable 2FA in PhoenixATS - Twilio Authy
Install Authy ( on your device by searching for it i... more
How to enable 2FA in Google Authenticator in Phoenix
Set up Google Authenticator on your device Please check the help relevant to yo... more
How To Create A Payroll Form
To create a Payroll Form: 1. Go to Admin Section 2. Click Payroll Integration ... more
How To Copy or CC Third Party Person To An Email - ATR
In ATR notifications there is an option to copy or cc third party in emails. 1.... more
How To Copy Existing ATR Project
Users can now copy existing ATR projects which copies all tracking steps includi... more
How to Add 3rd Party in Email Notifications
When sending ATRs to next approvers, we can now add third party users and cc the... more
Configure Users Automatic Email Notifications
Admin users can configure the automatic email notifications of system users by g... more
Create ATR Workflows
In this help article, you will learn how to create an ATR Project, Manage ATR Us... more
Managing Tracking Steps & Templates
About Tracking Steps & Templates Tracking Steps are the workflow that you u... more
Creating and Managing Special Projects
Before creating a Special Project, there must be a Special Project form. For cre... more
Understanding Smart Tags
Smart Tags are simple codes embedded in email or notification contents where the... more
How to Reset Phoenix User's Password?
Did you forget your password to access the Vacancy Manager? Follow the steps be... more
Adding New Users
To add a new staff user you have 2 options: - The staff user completes the... more
How to Manage Staff Users?
To add a new staff user you have 2 options: - The staff user completes the ... more
How to Create a New Role Profile?
Role Profiles can be used to group users with different system access. Role Prof... more
Roles and Functions Terminology Descriptions
GENERAL VOTING FUNCTION This function allows the user to cast votes on candid... more
How to Manage Grading System?
Users now have an ability to put grades or rate the candidates. Grading labels c... more