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Adding New Users

To add a new staff user you have 2 options:

  • The staff user completes the new user registration located in the log-in page of your phoenix vacancy manager page. Your system administrator will receive an email advising there is a new staff user waiting to be approved, or
  • Add a new user manually by going to the CRM section and selecting Phoenix Users. From this section select, add user, and complete the user profile form and save.

For option 1, some of the details will already be auto-filled from the staff registration section so all you need to do is complete the profile form and save. If you have a situation where the current role profiles do not match the new user, you can create an new role profile.

To create a new role profile go to ADMIN. Select ROLE PROFILE and select ADD ROLE PROFILE Simply name the new profile and assign attributes and SAVE. This new profile will be now added to the list of role profiles.

To edit or delete a staff user account go to the CRM section select Phoenix Users and either choose the edit or delete icon to make your changes.


For option 2: