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How to add Criteria testing integration

Enable Criteria testing integration

From the integration setting page click on the Criteria tile to view the integration controls.

The system automatically generates the URL’s needed for setting up your account with Criteria. When your account has been set up add your access Key to Complete the connection.

It is recommended to disable the 'reuse result' functionality within Criteria, as enabling it may lead to confusion regarding the results displayed on the job screen after an assessment.

Configure Criteria

Once the Criteria integration is enabled criteria will appear in the right hand navigation menu for configuring the available packages.

Click add Package to create the package for inclusion in recruit processes.

As the package name will be used to identify the correct package when adding testing to tracking steps for inclusion in recruitment journeys.

More than one package may be needed to complete testing that is relevant to the role being filled.

Adding tracking steps

Once the package has been created a tracking step will be needed to add this to a candidate’s experience for them to complete. Use Smart tags to add the url which will be created for each candidate to make use of the correct package.