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How to add Checkmate to Onboarding

Add Checkmate to candidate onboarding

To use Checkmate checks within the self service journeys the smart tags can be added to existing or newly created self service steps.

Select the self service project to be modified.

Open up the self service project to add or update an individual step.

The smart tag can be added to any notification within the self service journey but it is ideal for this to be with or before the contract offer to ensure that the contract can be completed if conditional on the check results.

Its ideal to include an indication for the candidate that they will receive notification directly from checkmate to ensure that the check invitation is not treaded as spam. The send reminder setting within Ready Employ is not required as Checkmate manages the reminders for the activities needed for the checks within the bundle selected.

Manual review of the check results is needed to move the candidate to the next step within self service.