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How to Add 3rd Party in Email Notifications

When sending ATRs to next approvers, we can now add third party users and cc them in the email notifications. This will be a new type of Notification and users should be able to select the users to notify. We can add a select list for contacts (emails) displaying all contacts except deleted. The Third party option is now available under 'Type' drop down when creating Notifications. It allows you to select names for 3P you wish to add.

1. Go to Admin

2. Click ATR Admin.

3. Select an ATR Project.

4. Under the Tracking Step section, click on the tracking step you wish to add a third party user in the email.


5. Under Notifications, click on the Subject of the email.

6. You can now add the third party users from the "3rd parties" field. Just click on the 3rd party box and there will be a drop down.


You can add 1 or more 3rd parties to cc in the email.

7. Click Save.